What’s in your sandbox?

My sandbox is my way of saying I have stuff that bugs me – some good and some bad. If I did’s get bugged about some objects or ideas, I probably would not get much done.

Obama bugs me, bad drivers bug me, beautiful pictures are inspiring and uplifting.  I like discussing religion and I do believe Christ is coming within my life time and let’s discuss whatever you want on the topic.

I like vintage items and have a store over at Etsy (The Red Shanty) and occasionally sale on eBay.  I collect things – marbles (no I haven’t lost mine), love to take pictures with my little Canon (not fancy camera) and I love the Internet.

I like Twilight Zone reruns, Johnny Debb, and songs from the 50/60s.

I have two granddaughers, I am a widow and live in Utah.  That’s all for now.  I will be back  to set up my new web blog “digging in my sandbox”.

Thanks for stopping by!

My Sandbox


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