More Than Just A Jelly


I am fascinated by jellyfish; their size, the texture, their movement and always wondering what is in side. Some are nearly transparent; others have such beautiful light patterns that move throughout their bodies. The picture I got is of a jelly whose light pattern forms the outer formation of a 4 leaf clover. From other pictures that I have seen, this one is referred to as a moon jelly. Jellies have a strange mix of systems when it comes to their anatomy. As I was reading about them recently, the box jelly has 24 eyes two of which are capable of seeing color. They are known to be one of the few creatures to have a 360 degree view of its environment. Another fascinating characteristic about the jellies is the fact that they do not have brains, such as we know of the workings of the brain.

I got lucky on this picture as I have a small Canon digital X8 camera with zoom and was able to get a decent shot through the glass. The graceful movement originally caught my eye. This particular display of jellies I found at the Living Planet Aquarium, Sandy, Utah.





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