Poetry and Prose

This page is for poetry and prose.  Are you game?  This is my fun writing, not that blogging isn’t fun.  But I belong to a site where the community write prose, poetry, shorts, longs and anything else their heart desires.   Take a look at one of my poems:

Peg Leg Joe

As the story goes, it was a bright spring day.
And out popped Spider Joe.
Seven good legs, Joe, has he.
But one leg is missing at the knee.

If you ask Spider Joe, what happened to his leg.
He will squint his one-patched eye and say,
“I had a mishap long, long, ago.
It’s all because I tried to grab too many flies, you know?”

Go ahead, if you dare, read the rest of Peg Leg Joe:  http://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1866095-Peg-Leg-Joe


This poem came to me one morning.   I am not sure of the format, it has some rhyme to it but I just wrote it as it came.  I thought it would be another one to share.



I find myself preoccupied,
Preoccupied with thoughts of love.
Loving, wanting love, giving,
Giving, maybe where it is not wanted.
Wanting what cannot be.
Being held to the task – but not receiving.
Receiving – isn’t that what we want; to receive back?
Back from our giving, caring, and loving.



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